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Mission Statement

The Atrium Group members believe that communication and information will be the driving force in international business development. Since all business is "global", the Atrium Group is dedicating its talents and resources to domestic and international business development opportunities. Energy, Technology, Commodities and Government Relations are the primary focus initiatives.

The Atrium Group supports teamwork between the needs and talents of its companies and the resources and demands of its clients. We build linkage between companies, governments and groups, and we help construct the conceptual bridges needed to overcome barriers of cultural, individual and organizational effectiveness.


The Atrium Group provides services that enhance, inspire, and invigorate the economies and peoples of all developing nations to reach their full potential in the global marketplace.


Our targeted markets have no boundaries since we live in an e-global business environment and have established business relationships throughout the world. We believe that the only issues that may impact our marketing strageties are the political ones that we have no control over. Our diveristy will create an atmosphere for opportunity and success.

Our work is based on genuine concern for others, and a deep belief that it is possible to overcome the internal and external barriers of working together to achieve wealth building. Although the scope of our work is diverse, all of our member businesses support the ultimate goals of the group's organizational effectiveness.

With unique expertises in leadership, business experience, and international access, The Atrium Group offers an integrated set of business development services. If you feel our services may be appropriate to your needs, we would welcome the opportunity to talk further and discuss approaches to working together.